Chris has been hard at work in the Noise-a-thon studio, edging closer to completion on several current projects.

The re-worked Chris Gibbs & The Transmission EP, tentatively titled 'Bigger Appetite' has reached final mixing stage. The EP features five of the most popular songs from the 2014 album with enhanced tracking and mixing, including live drums from Josh Gallagher. The band are aiming for a spring release to coincide with an appearance at the Sundown Spring Music Festival in Tammin.

Kerry B Ryan is recording a two-track single at Noise-a-thon, scratch guitars and vocals have been recorded, drum tracks built, and Kerry and his bassist will return to Noise-a-thon soon to commence tracking.

The Graphic Fiction Heroes recording is shaping up nicely, current tracks nearing completion are the next two singles: 'The Great Divide' and 'The Dream'. 

Lee Musto's long-awaited debut EP has been re-energised, with new guitar parts completed and new lead vocal parts to come. The project is sounding even better than the earlier versions of the recording. Lee is aiming to complete recording before spring, after which all tracks will be sent to Glenn Musto in Melbourne for final mixes.

In other studio news, Chris recently collaborated with Rob Agostini at Soundbaker, laying down some of his cleaner, bluster work on a track for emerging artist Jowe. Keep an ear out for Chris' work on Jowe's debut soon!